About us

We are determined to make food better again by unveiling the origin of food thus giving food producers a tool to differentiate from their competitors based on a provenance of their products. To improve access to quality local food, we have together with our partners from food industry just recently embarked on a mission to improve efficiency of food distribution by employing the sharing economy principle in cold chain logistics.


OriginTrail is currently our flagship product and is intended to provide quality food producers with an effective tool to differentiate themselves based on the origin of their food products while equipping shoppers with a nice to use mobile and web app that enables them to identify products that are traceable all the way back to the farm.


Foodko platform was designed to be bundled with our existing product OriginTrail. Our business partner that have implemented OriginTrail system have their own distribution capacities, yet they are far from being optimally utilized. Distribution network set up on Foodko platform allows other smaller producers (farmers) to enter their distribution system in a seamless manner, thus enabling them to reach markets that have up until recently been beyond their reach.

what our business partners say about us?

“Each year, food scandals hamper consumer confidence, thus knowing the origin of food indeed is their right. Already at this moment, there are differences among food producers in regard to the level of information we provide to consumers and we believe the importance of that will even increase in the future” Marko Konić, CEO at Eta d.o.o.

What shoppers say about us?

“We are ​*so*​ fortunate to live somewhere that food like this is so accessible & affordable. Loving the Foodko idea. I’m sold.” Kara Scott



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Partners and investors


We currently employ 8 people full-time, with skills ranging from business development, software programming, food industry analysis and design.

Tomaž Levak Chief Executive Officer
Branimir Rakić Chief Technology Officer
Žiga Drev Chief Operations Officer